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Fed by ultra-nationalist and Eurosceptic movements, we’ve seen in recent years the emergence of schools of thought that call into question the future of the European Union. Taking advantage of the effects of the economic, humanitarian and values crises in which we are immersed, these ideologies have catalysed citizen discontent for electoral purposes, thereby gaining considerable weight within the state institutions of their respective countries.

Confronting this negative conception of what the European Union represents in terms of our peaceful coexistence means bringing the European spirit closer to citizens and sharing information, understanding as well as knowledge regarding the undeniable progress in cohesion experienced by all its members over the last few decades in a multitude of economic, social and territorial spheres.

In this process of identifying and recognising common European values, the media have played, are playing and must continue to play (now more than ever) an essential role in its dissemination, but also in promoting reflection, debate and critical analysis on this shared space of coexistence known as Europe for all of us.  




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We are working on the campaign, when we finish we will prepare the conclusions document and upload it to the web

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