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The RADIO ÁGORA project is promoted and coordinated by the Andalusian Association of Municipal and Community Broadcasters for Radio and Television (EMA-RTV) and executed at the European level by the Greek Public Radio and Television (ERT), Radio Popolare in Italy and the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Belgium.

The three media-based partners of the project, with support and guidance from CEPS in Brussels, will carry out a total of twelve public radio events called “Radio Ágora” in Spain, Greece and Italy, between 2019 and 2020 The discussions will cover the impact of European cohesion policy on these countries. The conclusions of these European media events will be published in four languages (English, Spanish, Greek and Italian) and disseminated by more than 400 organisations at the European level.

In addition, the launch of a European radio campaign for cohesion policy on 110 radio stations will give its potential audience of over six million listeners a comprehensive overview of the challenges European cohesion policy faces in the Mediterranean region.

Thirty audiovisual pieces on emblematic projects financed by Community funds in southern Europe will also be produced. Such projects will be integrated into an interactive map, the purpose of which is to give visibility to initiatives that contribute to improving the lives and well-being of millions of European citizens.

RADIO ÁGORA is being developed on four fundamental pillars:

Promote and foster

a better understanding of the role of cohesion policy in southern European Community regions

Raise Awareness

of the impact that projects financed by the European Commission have on society through its cohesion funds.

Disseminate information

based on the establishment of an open and reflective dialogue on the objectives, priorities and results of cohesion strategies.

Encourage CITIZENS

to take an active part in drawing up future European plans for economic, social and territorial cohesion.

In today’s particularly unstable and worrying European context, underpinned by a growing lack of empathy for the lives and rights of disadvantaged populations and a rise in xenophobic and Eurosceptic discourse, the partners of the Radio Ágora project are working together to contribute to the communicative construction of new collective visions. To this end, they share the same idea of horizontal, reflexive and participative information, being capable of pedagogically disseminating all those aspects regarding the contribution of the European Commission, through its Community policies, to the day-to-day lives of the people who live in southern European regions. All of this entails the need to rethink how the media and professionals working in the field fulfil their commitment to the citizens they are serving, by virtue of their important role as social agents.

For more information, please contact Guillaume BUTEAU, Project Coordinator at / (+34) 954 56 47 13

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