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As an essential part of the Radio Ágora project, each of its media partners (EMA-RTV in Spain, Radio Popolare in Italy and ERT in Greece) has developed a cycle of four radio debate programmes in their respective countries called “Radio Ágora Events”. In these round tables attended by public experts, the perspectives, achievements and economic and social impacts of European cohesion policy and Community funds on the territory have been discussed in-depth, and from different perspectives. The transversal themes of these debates have been job creation, adaptation to global change, science, research, development and innovation, and regional convergence.

This series of public debates has seen the participation of over seventy individuals specialised in all these European issues, while also encouraging citizen participation in terms of generating proposals on the future of community cohesion strategies and plans. At the European level, the 24 programmes of the Radio Ágora series were broadcast in Spain, Italy and Greece through the programming of EMAR-RTV, Radio Popolar and ERT, and in all cases involving the presentation and moderation of journalism professionals with contrasting views, specialised in radio. The Centre for European Policy Studies’ (CEPS) participation and guidance has provided homogeneity to the contents proposed for each round table.

Lastly, the conclusions of this cycle of European debates will be synthesised and published in a joint document which aims to take stock of the weight of European cohesion policy in the daily life of the citizens of Southern European countries and to reflect on their future prospects. 


Debate en Martos – 7/11/2019
Debate en Málaga – 8/11/2019
Debate en Sevilla – 14/11/2019
Debate en La Línea – 15/11/2019
Ricerca e innovazione – 27/09/2019
Cambiamenti climatici – 27/09/2019
Lavoro – 04/10/2019
Coesione economica, sociale e territoriale – 04/10/2019
– 28/11/2019 –
– 28/11/2019 –
– 29/11/2019 –
– 29/11/2019 –
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