The conference “Preparing for the European Green Deal: What Toolbox for Climate Neutrality?” was organised by CEPS in cooperation with the Finnish EU Presidency, and supported by Fortum and Equinor. This event aimed at providing new solutions and fresh perspectives that can facilitate the achievement of climate neutrality, i.e. options we can propose to the member states that face the biggest difficulties in meeting the target.

The event combined inspirational contributions from well and lesser-known out-of-the-box thinkers with comments by high-level policy makers, industry representatives and other stakeholders. The conference emphasized first and foremost the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while keeping in mind that as time runs out, the EU and the world cannot afford the luxury of leaving viable solutions out of the equation. There is a need to kick start a global movement to reduce and sequester as much CO2 as we possibly can as fast as possible.

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